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Lead With Wisdom

For companies to grow, the leaders must grow first. You may know what to change, but don’t know how to make that change within yourself or organization. Leadership Effectiveness  requires learning new skills, changing attitudes, breaking old habits and developing new ones. Experimenting, being courageous, making mistakes, and taking breaks! If you want change in others, as the leader, you need to set the stage. You’ve been trying on your own until now, and are looking for help and guidance. You’ve found it.

Nancy C. Lewine, Ph.D

Nancy C. Lewine, Ph.D.

The breadth of her career ranges from being a manager, consultant, business owner, entrepreneur, elite athlete in two sports, martial arts instructor and coach, to non-profit organization leader. Nancy is the Founder and Co-Owner of GoldenSoul Dogs, a highly successful breeder of Golden Retriever Champions and AKC Breeder of Merit.

Success Stories

“I have saved 1 hour/week (52 hours/year), by handing off the small stuff which allows me more time to focus on my higher payoff areas.”

Data Manager

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“The program as a whole has been re-invigorating to me as a manager. I am positively motivated to motivate others. I am using the newly presented info to develop goals for my staff.”



“My peer relationships have improved. We have more focused discussions. We are more aware that each of our decisions affects the others, and we are more respectful of our time.”


Counseling Services

“I am getting things done. I feel more relaxed and accomplished. The business is achieving its goals. My colleagues are emulating new behaviors and improving their performance.”